While naturopathic treatment can generally clear up whatever is causing your pimples, it doesn't happen overnight - and pimples can cause a serious blow to our self confidence. Harsh chemical treatments and popping can do serious damage to your skin, but many people feel it's their only option.

If you suffer from cystic acne and want a quick(er) fix while you rebalance your body and overall wellbeing - try blister bandaids. Hydrocolloid bandages, those skin-like bandaids that are sold/branded as blister bandaids, are wonderful at drawing infection or liquid from wounds or deep under the skin. Just put one over the top (it will work better if you prick the wound with a sterilised needle first - no squeezing, just to give the liquid somewhere to come out) and when you can see a decent little raised circle patch (indicating that the liquid has been drawn out) you can remove the bandaid and get that zit gone.