Functional Medicine works to identify and treat the underlying causes of ill-health by using the latest in genetic science, biochemistry, diagnostic techniques and functional pathology.


The approach I take at Functional Wellness is to use functional medicine to create truly personalised wellness programs.  I use functional medicine, alongside in-depth case taking, non-invasive physical examinations and a naturopathic understanding of how nutritional, dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors influence disease, to create personalised solutions that are effective because they treat the cause.

I am like your personal health detective, diligently investigating what’s really going, creating effective treatments, then supporting you to apply these changes into your life.

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Carolyn consults in Port Melbourne, South Melbourne and via Skype

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What clients say about working with me

Carolyn was so thorough in working out and explaining what was wrong with me, now I understand my own healing process. I feel strong, full of energy, empowered to take care of my health and return to work.
Erin, 31
My hormones were making me so angry and irritable that my family could hardly stand me. Thanks to Carolyn I feel like myself again and my family are very grateful too.
Kerry, 50
My stomach is calmer. I am stronger in myself and much healthier, gaining weight for the first time in my life.
Jan-Maree, 60


I use personalised programs, holistic treatments and integrated healthcare approach to serve you and your health as optimally as possible. 

Personalised Wellness Programs

Programs designed to meet your individual physiological, genetic and metabolic
profiling and individual life circumstances.

Holistic Treatments

Using vitamin, mineral, herbal, diet, food as medicine and lifestyle therapies
to rebalance mind, body and spirit.

Integrated Healthcare

I work alongside GP’s, specialists and other healthcare practioners, using the latest research and treatment protocols to give you the very best care.