Anxiety is considered a mental illness, but it can be just as much about our physiology as it is about our emotional and mental state. For example, people who don't ingest enough "good" fats can be prone to depression and anxiety, because our neural pathways need omega-3 fatty acids to stay supple and healthy; and for some people, the root of their anxiety lies in their genes. A number of genetic disorders and issues can give rise to crippling anxiety, and while anti-anxiety medication may help ease symptoms somewhat, they can't get to or resolve the root of the problem.

This is why I recommend genetic testing for people who are suffering from anxiety. A simple cheek swab offers immense insight into why the adrenal glands might be working overtime, or the mind keeps racing. Once we know what the root of the issue is, we can take steps to bring you back into a place where you're feeling calm and in control.

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