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Nice Cream: a Vegan Favorite

More and more vegans and people trying to cut down on dairy are keeping bananas in their freezer - all you have to do is blend them up, and add whatever flavourings you like.

The natural sugars in the bananas make it sweet, and their creamy but neutral flavour makes them a perfect carrier for cocoa, [...]

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Leftover Food Hacks

If you cringe at the thought of throwing out leftovers, there's plenty of tips online for using up leftover fruit, veg and bread around the web - here's some tips for using up other items.

Cornflakes that have started to go stale make an excellent filler for burger patties - mush them into your meat or [...]

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Ways to Accidentally Exercise

"Accidental exercise" is a popular trend at the moment; parking your car further away so you have to walk, taking the stairs. Here's some of our favorite ways to exercise without really thinking about it.

When you're watering the garden, use a watering can instead of a hose. It allows you to add seaweed solution and [...]

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Why You Should Consider Genetic Testing

We know that many diseases can be written into our DNA: Alzheimer's, breast cancer and Parkinson's are just a few examples of diseases where we're repeatedly told that our family history can affect our risk.

But our genetic code can affect our health in so many other ways, beyond our risk factor for a number of [...]

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Creative, Healthy Ways to Add Flavour

When it comes to seasoning your food, sauces, cheese and salt aren't your only options - though they're the ones most people turn to.

Adding fruit, dried or fresh, to salads is a great way to increase flavour. Grapes add a nice pop of sweetness and acidity to salads which contain salty elements like fish or [...]

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Healthy Vegan Curried “Egg”

Making an eggless egg salad is easy, using this recipe derived from The Gentle Chef's eggless salad (this version is less like the real thing in texture as it doesn't include tofu based imitation egg whites, but circumvents needing to use agar agar or Himalayan salt).

One small block of firm tofu, pressed (about 250g)
1/4 teaspoon [...]

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Why MTHFR Needs Proper Diagnosis and Treatment

MTHFR has become a bit of a buzzword lately; a genetic defect that inhibits your ability to metabolise folate (vitamin B9). About 30% to 50% of us have this genetic defect (though many don't notice it at all) and it's been linked to everything from insomnia to cancer. While it might sound straightforward, it's actually [...]

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For Those Who Are Scared of Sugar…

My friend's grandma (and now her entire family) makes amazing sweet mustard pickles. She's loved them ever since she was a kid, and whenever she makes them, her mood always lifts - reminded that someone loves her, and that she always has somewhere to call home.

Sugar critics would call foul, as there's two cups of [...]

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Different Forms of Gelatine

Gelatine has a wide range of health benefits, and it gets packaged and sold to us in two different ways.

Gelatine powder is gelatine that has been dried and broken up into little grains. This means it disperses more easily throughout a dish (can be stirred in).

Leaf gelatine, or gelatine sheets, is gelatine that has been [...]

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Why Your Detox Needs an Emotional Component

It's something most of us have done: decided to get healthy, flush out toxins, try and make up for the "sins" of the silly season by drinking lemon juice and cayenne pepper for a week (or whatever the detox trendĀ of the moment might be). These bursts of effort and good intentions don't seem to last [...]

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