Going from FOMO to JOMO
Fear Of Missing Out: FOMO, is the feeling of having to be constantly available, mentally or in person, wanting to do everything, be everywhere; eventually achieving nothing significant long-term. It can cause anxiety, fatigue, stress, and problems with sleep. Social media worsens FOMO by constant comparison of our lives to others [...]

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Depression, or Just Being a Teenager?

Parenting contemporary teenagers is hard - perhaps just as hard as actually being a teenager. There's the same issues that have always been there: raging hormones, figuring out who they are and who they want to be, school, social problems, pressure to look a certain way. And then there's issues that many of us parents [...]

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Physical Symptoms of Depression in Teenagers

We think of depression as a mental illness, but it can impact our physical wellbeing too. If your teen is experiencing any of the issues listed below, it's worth bringing them in for a chat so we can assess what's going on - if it's depression, the hormonal changes that come part and parcel with [...]

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Physical Symptoms of Anxiety in Teens

When teenagers become stressed and anxious, their body responds in much the same way as it would if there was a physical threat - these responses are intended to keep them alert and focused and ready to run, which was great back when we faced physical threats like lions and tigers and wooly mammoths, but it's not [...]

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Natural Immune Boosters for Kids and Teens

Schools can be a hotbed for colds, flu and other viruses - and keeping your child's immune system strong can help reduce their risk of catching every single bug that comes along.

Here's some simple, drug-free solutions for boosting your immune system:

take a fish oil supplement
get an allergy test to see if particular foods flare your [...]

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What Are You Procrastinating On?

When it comes to your health: what are you procrastinating on? Maybe you've said you're going to eat more greens, or start walking more...but you just don't do it. It's not that it's hard or time consuming - it's just one of those things that keeps getting pushed aside.
I challenge you to find one of [...]

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Shine This Summer

There's a lot of programs out there at the moment that are promising to turn real, raw women into tiny pixies ready for bikini season (yes, apparently we have to prepare for this six months early) - convincing them that their worth is directly related to the numbers on the scale, and that pain and starvation [...]

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Thoughts on Depression and Anxiety in Teens

Some thoughts on depression and anxiety in teenagers:
It's absolutely true that our kids are under more pressure than they've ever been. Social media, a tougher job market looming over them, unrealistic expectations peddled by magazines and television. But it goes so much deeper than that in so many cases. I've seen teenagers whose depression is [...]

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A Response to Junkee’s Article on Natural Therapies 

What are your thoughts on this?

Coconut Oil Isn’t Magic, Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism, And Science Denialism Needs To Stop

Mine: there is a big difference between a natural therapist who has spent years studying and qualifying with recognised and registered training organisations, and someone peddling snake oil because they've spent some time on Google. 

When I see a patient for say, depression, I insist that they stay on their medication [...]

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Choose Your Canned Foods Wisely

Cans might seem convenient, but there's evidence to suggest that the chemicals in them are harmful to your health. A good rule of thumb is that canned beverages, meat and fish are less likely to result in damaging BPA exposure because they have lower acid levels, but items like soup and vegetables tend to react [...]

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