Parenting contemporary teenagers is hard - perhaps just as hard as actually being a teenager. There's the same issues that have always been there: raging hormones, figuring out who they are and who they want to be, school, social problems, pressure to look a certain way. And then there's issues that many of us parents never really had to contend with, mostly around technology and media - issues that only seem to be expanding.

I see a lot of parents who just don't know if their teenager's behaviour is "normal" teen stuff or whether it's a diagnosable mental health problem. And honestly, for a lot of them it's both: they're struggling the same as everyone else their age, but it feels ten times heavier and scarier because issues like nutrition and genetic disorders are wreaking havoc with their body and mood.

If you feel overwhelmed, I'd encourage you just to bring them in for a consult - we can have an initial discussion over the phone (0409 139 263) or via email ( We can check if there's anything bigger going on, and even if there's not, come up with some strategies to help them thrive during their formative years rather than buckling under the pressure. You can find out more about me, my background and my approach by clicking here.