Spirulina is being touted as a miracle weight loss supplement - the theory being, that it will suppress your appetite and increase your energy by providing your body with a good hit of vitamins and minerals (so you don't get those cravings that come when your body is missing something).

I read a really interesting comment on one of these discussion threads that pointed out that even if spirulina does reduce your appetite and increase your energy, it's not going to help you lose weight unless you decrease or adjust your food intake. And I thought: what a perfect illustration of how our attachment to food is as much cultural and psychological as it is about what our body needs.

We use food as a reward, as comfort, as something to relieve boredom. We see some foods as good, others as bad, some as treats, some as punishments or obligations. We need to totally revolutionise our relationship with what we put in our mouth if we want real change - we need clarity. When you see food as fuel, and neither friend nor foe, you'll be amazed by what happens.