Unlocking your Genetic Potential.

Functional Pathology Testing
Nutrition, diet, exercise and lifestyle choices, including stress, affect our genes either switching them on or off to promote health or disease. By learning your genetic profile you can influence your future health by the nutritional and lifestyle choices you make now.


I specialise in the following Genetic Tests
A simple saliva test provides comprehensive information about your unique genetic profile. Alternatively, if you have already done a test I can analyse your genetic raw data to provide a comprehensive report on how your genes may be affecting major health areas such as: liver, mood - depression and anxiety (neurotransmitters), methylation/MTHFR, hormone clearance. I then match diet, nutrition and lifestyle specifically to your genetic makeup to provide a report that will help you prevent disease and support lifelong wellness.
MTHFR gene defects inhibit the metabolism of folate (B9) to its activated form, causing potentially serious consequences; cardiovascular disease, mental disorders, depression, insomnia, fatigue, cancer, chronically illness, poor liver detoxification, autoimmune diseases. It’s essential to ensure your practitioner is trained in MTHFR and methylation as treatment protocols are complex and can vary significantly between individuals.
i have extensive experience in treating people with MTHFR gene defects especially when theres other health issues, chronic fatigue, autism, fertility or mood disorders like depression, anxiety, OCD and eating disorders.
Pyrrole disorder is a genetic problem that causes Zinc and vitamin B6 deficiencies (also Biotin and Omega 6 to a lesser degree). Zinc and B6 deficiencies are related to anxiety, depression, mood, disorders, autism, fatigue, poor stress tolerance, digestive and immune issues. Treatment and dosing can be complex requiring specialist knowledge.
My extenisve experience in treating pyrroles also includes an examination and analysis of why the pyrroles are elevavted. this is important as people as we need to treat the underlying cause so people dont always have to rely on mega doses of supplements. And also that some people "aquire" pyrrole disorder due to stress, trauma, infection, gut issues and heavy metal or other toxin exposures.
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DNA testing provides comprehensive analysis for over 100 DNA changes to identify genetic health risks and modifiable nutritional diet and lifestyle factors. I advise clients which test might be best suited for them and their situation.

Knowing your genetic profiles helps prevent disease, make better diet and lifestyle choices and optimise your energy and vitality. This one off  DNA test provides valuable information for use throughout your life.

What you receive:

Along with an electronic copy of your DNA report, you receive an easy to understand personalised treatment program that summarises your DNA results and provides recommendations on how to tailor diet and lifestyle to suit your genetic profile.

Personalised Health and Wellness

I educate you on what your results mean, clearly explaining each DNA result and how specific diet and lifestyle changes will prevent disease, reduce health risks and maximise your performance and energy.

Gaining a full understanding of your genetic makeup and what you can do to optimise your own health is an empowering experience that enables you to take charge of your own health.

Key health areas covered include:

Weight Management, Lipid (fat) Metabolism, Methylation Pathways, Estrogen Metabolism, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Inflammation, Stress Response, Adrenal Health, Vitamins, Co-enzyme Q10, Essential Fatty Acids, Liver Detoxification Pathways, Diabetes risk factors, Sodium (salt) Sensitivity, Choline, Oxidative Stress, Exercise recovery and Sports performance, Caffeine Metabolism, Coeliac disease or Lactose Intolerance.

The test does not diagnose genetic diseases.