While following the recipe usually yields the best results, they aren't always the healthiest; or even if they are, they may not be tailored to your specific palate or nutritional needs.

There are so many simple swaps and deviations which can turn a standard dish into something that's really going to nourish your body (emphasis on your), and make you feel good about getting in the kitchen.

If dairy doesn't make you feel good, swap it for a different milk - almond, coconut, cashew. If sugar makes you feel sick, use other methods to sweeten your food: agave syrup, coconut oil, added fruit. If you don't like the taste of kale but really want to get into using it, shred it and use it like a herb - it works well in pesto and sauces. If you're allergic to gluten, try swapping rice for couscous, or making your own egg pasta with gluten free flour. If you're vegan and allergic to gluten, buy gluten replacer so you can make your own gluten free fake meats (rather than suffering due to the high gluten content of the ones in store).

Part of the online course Functional Wellness isĀ about to launch (you can find out more by sending an email) is empowering people to make good food choices that keep them healthy AND happy - encouraging them to get in the kitchen and try new things. The recipe guides have plenty of great ideas to get you started - and from there, your imagination is the only limit.