Schools can be a hotbed for colds, flu and other viruses - and keeping your child's immune system strong can help reduce their risk of catching every single bug that comes along.

Here's some simple, drug-free solutions for boosting your immune system:

  • take a fish oil supplement
  • get an allergy test to see if particular foods flare your immune system up (reducing dairy tends to help)
  • get plenty of vitamin C and A
  • eat immune boosters like horseradish and garlic
  • wash your hands regularly
  • take a good quality probiotic

If your child seems to get every single sniffle on the market, it's worth coming to make sure everything is above board - an underactive immune system may be a symptom of deeper issues with your gut or overall health, so if your regular illnesses areĀ stopping you from living a "normal" life, pop in and have a chat.