No artificial sweetener pun intended - but it's true. The war against sugar is doing more harm than good. When I'm seeing patients who are afraid to eat fruit because of the sugar content, that makes me incredibly frustrated and sad.

I'm thinking about this because I read an article this morning that said smoothies and juices were unhealthy and we should be avoiding them, because they're full of sugar. Not artificial juices and smoothies, not store bought juices and smoothies, ALL juices and smoothies. When we're telling people that they shouldn't be having blended fruit and vegetables for breakfast, something is very, very wrong. 

We NEED the phytonutrients that fruit and veg give us. Deep fried bacon has no sugar, but does that make it healthy? No. Get to know your body, learn about the different kinds of sugar and how they work, and make informed decisions about what you want to eat and drink.