We think of depression as a mental illness, but it can impact our physical wellbeing too. If your teen is experiencing any of the issues listed below, it's worth bringing them in for a chat so we can assess what's going on - if it's depression, the hormonal changes that come part and parcel with the teen years, or something else altogether.

  • Worsening of any existing chronic pain (including headaches)
  • Digestive discomfort (constipation, diahrrea or pain)
  • Fatigue and exhaustion (not alleviated by sleep)
  • Changes in appetite (being hungry more or less)
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness

All of these symptoms are signs that something isn't quite right in your body - so even if you do think depression is at the root of your teen's problems, it's important to get checked out by a health practitioner. If it is depression, then they will be able to make some suggestions for improving your mood; if it's not, they'll be able to suggest an appropriate course of testing and/or treatment.