If you're struggling to get seedlings up or don't have an outdoor growing space - use your bathroom. It's an incredibly budget friendly alternative to a hothouse or greenhouse. You can use old yoghurt pots, a cheap serving platter with segments, or even just self-contained pellets; just make sure you've got some good seed starter mix in there (you can get peat relatively cheaply at places like Bunnings and Big W).

Plants love the steam and extra light that comes from being in the bathroom, and you'll be amazed how quickly they grow. Winter plants like snow peas, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage etc can be started in this way, and then transplanted into the garden - or large pots on your balcony/front step/whatever space you have available. If your bathroom isn't particularly light or warm, simply the warmest, sunniest room you have will do. If you use peat rather than simple potting mix, you'll only have to water them when the soil goes from dark to light (as it's excellent at retaining moisture).

Growing your own plants is incredibly rewarding, as well as better for your body - fresh snow peas straight out of the garden is a pretty wonderful thing!