While we usually associate meat with protein, there's plenty of plant-based sources.

Chia seeds have four grams per two tablespoons - meaning your chia pudding will be chock full of protein, as well as the omega-3 fatty acids we need to keep our nervous systems functioning properly. For a huge protein hit, scatter some hemp seeds over your pudding (ten grams per two tablespoons).

Quinoa is called a superfood for a reason - as well as being packed with fiber, you'll get eight grams of protein per cup. This becomes slightly less surprising when you remember that quinoa is technically not a grain - it's a seed.

Beans are a great source of protein, with twelve to fourteen grams per cup. They're also highly affordable - buy them dried at bulk or international food stores for extra value. They rehydrate relatively quickly. As well as being used for savoury dishes, beans can add extra protein to desserts - such as black bean brownies, or red bean buns.